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Problem with search engines and playing flash(?) videos

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    Problem with search engines and playing flash(?) videos

    Like a week ago all of a sudden when I booted my computer in the morning Google changed how the page looked for me when searching for something, the home page looks exactly the same but when I search for something this is how it looks:

    I also kept being logged off my account when I searched for something even when the main page said I was logged in and any attempt to login didn't work, I would click the login button, it'd send me to the login page and I'd login and it'd say I was logged in in the main page but upon searching for something it'd show as logged off.
    Clicking the buttons like "More" or "Search Tools" would send me to the main page and clear the search bar.
    Another thing was that after messing with the options a bit and making sure instant search was enabled when I searched for something and it tried to do it it'd always say it was disabled, I also can't search for image links to reverse image search.
    I asked some friends about this and none of them were having these issues/changes, one of them did suggest that it might be a virus, which I scanned for multiple times with Malwarebytes and Windows Defender, both of them returned nothing.
    I went to other search engines like Bing or Yahoo and they outright won't open (as in, page doesn't exist) and using Bing through does nothing, also tried to disable my adblock (I use AdGuard) but nothing.

    This problem is on every browser, when going to Bing on Chrome though it returns the following error: ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED

    Another thing I noticed some days after is that most streaming websites are broken for me, Youtube works perfectly fine but other websites that use Flash based players don't work, my Flash Player should be working fine but as soon as I click the play button the circle on the video just either keeps spinning or those players which have the % of the video loaded get stuck at 1%.
    EDIT: Not really sure if this an actual issue, actually, it seems some videos just take a really long long time to load, when it's instant on my phone, I guess this could be ignored.

    None of this was happening a week ago.

    Trying to think of something that I might have changed or installed then but can't think of anything and I don't see anything that might have been installed or changed then either.

    Another thing that I forgot to mention is that some websites don't let me download things, websites like Zippyshare and whatnot don't work anymore (for the most part, some still do) and this problem is liked on my end because I can download things from those websites without a problem on my phone.
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    Fixed everything it seems.
    I suspected a proxy problem and thought it was my adblock causing it but after searching a bit more the problem was that an option was checked on internet option on IE>connections>LAN settings, just unchecked everything and it's working fine now.
    Not sure how that even happened in the first place.
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Problem with search engines and playing flash(?) videos
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