I have a problem inserting my Outlook account in my computer, which has the 2007 version. Whenever I type my email address and password, it says that one of those is incorrect while they are not,it keeps trying and nothing. Then it tells me that it will do it through an unencrypted connection. Still fails. However, the mobile Outlook app doesn't have any problems and it works well. What shall I do? I should also mention that I installed Office 2007 on top of 2010 (Office 2010 is 64 bit, Office 2007 is not and will never be, so I installed 2010 first and then 2007 without Groove 2007). I just did it for compatibility (I present some documents with PowerPoint and Word mostly, but if there is compatibility mode in 2010, I would really like to know, because I want my PowerPoint and Word 2010 to be fully compatible with 2007, not 97-2003, so I can free up space that Office 2007 consumes).