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open multiple internet shortcuts in chrome from explorer

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    I always thought at least IE could open more than one .url ... but only the first .url opens.
    If I "send to" multiple .url to IE only the start/homepage opens ....

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    if I assosiate .url to chrome too, then chrome opens e.g. 2 tabs but as windows passes the 2 .url file paths the tabs opened look like this again
    if .url stays assosiated with "Internet Browser" (not IE) the first .url gets passed to chrome

    So first I should get IE (if set as default) to open more than one .url .... ANY IDEAS VERY WELCOME
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    I just tried it with PaleMoon. With "Open" from File Explorer, just one of the .html files gets opened in a new tab. With Drag & Drop from File Explorer, just one of the .html files opens to replace the current tab.

    This suggests it's something inherent with Windows and File Explorer.

    I also tried to copy the bookmark shortcuts from PaleMoon via Organizer to Windows File Explorer. Only the first of those shortcuts gets pasted to a folder.
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    not so sure, because if I drag them to e.g. notepad++, all .url files get opened
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open multiple internet shortcuts in chrome from explorer
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