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Outlook 2013 'safe' email marked incorrectly as spam/junk

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    Outlook 2013 'safe' email marked incorrectly as spam/junk

    Hey everyone, I appreciate any help with this.

    We're moving from one email server to another using google apps, all while using outlook 2013. During the transition (and after, if we can set it up), we have our old server forwarding email to our new email addresses. So forwards to, and we now use exclusively. Most email comes from our old account still.

    For junk email, we block sender and the message is sent to the spam folder. We also set our and things that aren't spam as 'safe senders' via outlook 2013 and remove them from the spam folder to inbox.

    Yet for some unknown reason, some email that is forwarded from our old email addresses are still being marked as spam, even though they're on the safe senders list. Not all of them, just some. Like an email from was marked as spam, but not an email from, yet both are forwarded from, and both are safe senders.

    Any suggestions or further explainations on how this all works is greatly appreciated.

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    You may want to look at the junk/spam email's infobar to see how the email was routed to the "Junk E-mail" folder in Outlook 2013. Quote from this link:
    Adding the address to the safe list may not prevent future messages from being moved to the junk mail folder, depending on what program moved the message. It could be a 3rd party anti-spam add-in or a rule in Rules Wizard.
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Outlook 2013 'safe' email marked incorrectly as spam/junk
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