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Cannot log-into this forum using saved passwords

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    Cannot log-into this forum using saved passwords

    I cannot log-into this using saved username-password with my mozilla browser "Pale Moon".
    - no problems logging into or any other forums I visit. (About 90 forums on my bookmarks)

    This a potted history of what I have tried and the results

    My "Saved Password" (in mozilla browser "PaleMoon") for is asleep.

    At when logging in, typing the first letter of my name and the Name field is auto filled.
    - by tabbing-to (or selecting) the Password field the password is auto completed.
    - then enable "Remember me" > Login ... and I am logged in.

    But here at none of the automation works.

    In my saved passwords there are two entries for (with identical passwords but different usernames.
    Click image for larger version
    I have deleted both eightforums password entries and closed my browser.

    Restart browser at
    - the result is ...
    When I copy/paste my name + password eightforums recognises me and I am logged in.
    - I accept the "save password" offer
    Click image for larger version
    My password entry shows my Username as "Password" + the correct password string.
    - and the address as ""
    - but the web-page address is "" ... with the trailing forward slash
    In saved passwords database I changed the Username "Password" to "bawldiggle"
    Closed browser and restarted browser at
    - Remember me was already checked

    When I started typing my Username "bawldiggle" it was not detected.
    - with the correct username manually entered, eightforums did not auto-fill the password

    So I deleted both entries in saved-passwords
    - close browser -- manually logged into > and changed my password
    - closed all browser windows and rebooted browser

    With the correct new password manually entered eightforums rejected my log-in attempt.
    - eightforums flicked to a standalone log-in page that told me either my username or password is incorrect (with both fields already populated). I changed nothing and clicked log-in and eightforums recognized the identical username + password that was rejected not one minute earlier.

    Closed browser completely to log-in again to
    - eightforums log-in fields do not recognize my saved username nor new password
    - when I manually enter username + my new password I am offered this (remember password)
    Click image for larger version
    ... but my username is not "Password"

    Manually entering (copy-paste) my username + password is becoming tedious
    - at sevenforums I have the same username but a different password and it never fails.
    What am I doing wrong

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    Harrisonburg, Va.
    Posts : 10,488
    Windows 8.1.1 Pro with Media Center

    I just installed Pale Moon.
    I logged in to the forum & was asked to save the info.
    It was saved.

    Click image for larger version

    Click image for larger version

    Click image for larger version

    It works ok for me.
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    Hi David
    It's not playing for me and only on this forum. !
    - I thought by changing my password it might have "fixed" the problem ... but it hasn't

    Looks like a clean install of PaleMoon ... first in 4 years.
    - either corrupt .sqlite and/or .db files ... or gremlins
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Cannot log-into this forum using saved passwords
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