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Yahoo Mail not responding in IE11

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    Yahoo Mail not responding in IE11

    When I open Yahoo Mail in IE11 nothing works. Clicking on anything in it does nothing.

    The other things on Yahoo's site seem to work correctly. Yahoo Mail in both Chrome and Firefox work correctly too.

    What might be wrong?

    I have looked for a download source of IE11 for Windows 8.1, but amongst the myriad of search results there isn't a single one which is clear and/or explicit.

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    I had similar problems with Yahoo Mail. Sometimes refreshing the page will work, other times log out and log back in helps. You can also contact Yahoo Support by clicking help in the upper right corner. Also, clearing cookies may help.

    IE11 is built-in to Win 8.1 and there is no available download. You can try to reset IE11, Click gear icon, (Internet Options/Advanced/Reset)
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    Thank you torre.

    I had tried logging out/in and rebooting, to no effect. Yahoo's cavalier attitude in the past to customer support earned them a very poor reputation indeed, so I wouldn't bother. It's much more reliable to ask here.

    Since asking to the question I have refreshed Windows (what a palaver that is) and Yahoo mail now works correctly in IE11 again.
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    Glad it is solved.

    Next time consider sfc/scannow to see if any effect prior to a complete refresh.

    SFC /SCANNOW Command - Run in Windows 8
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    Forgot to mention that I had done that too.
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Yahoo Mail not responding in IE11
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