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All computer browsers all not loading today

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    Windows 8.1

    All computer browsers all not loading today

    (Not sure if this is the exact place to post this but I'm getting desperate).

    Just in advance, my laptop is a HP Windows 8.1 with a Nvida Geforce Graphics Card and Intel i7 Core.

    So today, getting on my computer in Google Chrome (my default browser) images in particular wouldn't load properly. Some of them load, or either appear to take forever to load or don't load at all. It's not all images either, it only appears to do it with some. So I reinstalled Google Chrome, restored it to default settings (so no more extensions etc), cleared all my browsing history and still nothing.

    I've tried in Firefox (installing that) and still have the same problem.

    I've heard about disabling hardware acceleration to possibly solve that problem and wonder if that's possibly it. Yesterday, my Nvida graphics card did some updating or something and I didn't have this problem yesterday.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this, getting things loading normally again?

    I also checked on another HP laptop in the house, and it's doing the same thing with Chrome. It's not running Nvida either and I ran a virus scan on it and nothing appeared to change.


    EDIT: Testing looking at it on my phone, connected to the internet - my Iphone 6 runs everything fine still.

    EDIT: Also thinking it may just be my Internet and it might just come good with time, but when my internet has been buggy in the past it's never manifested in this way before (it's just images).

    EDIT: Tried rolling back my Graphics Card in the control panel and still having the same problem.

    EDIT: Okay, phone net is doing the same thing so assuming it's something to do with my net. Though feel free to offer suggestions still.
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    Right click the internet connection icon (lower right) and run the troubleshooter. Also, check your modem connections.
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    Should what torre suggested above not prove fruitful contact your ISP for possible problems at their end.
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    Quote Originally Posted by torre View Post
    Right click the internet connection icon (lower right) and run the troubleshooter. Also, check your modem connections.
    Thanks for the advice. The problems I was having appeared to have come good today. Assuming it was just my internet connection.
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All computer browsers all not loading today
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