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Between Firefox & Chrome Which Do You Prefer?

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    I use both FF and Chrome.

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    I was looking through majorgeeks and spotted cyberfox 64 bit. So installed it and ran a few pages - its FASTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!

    I just opened nasa tv and within 5 seconds was watching live ISS feed images of earth!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by elbmek View Post
    I was looking through majorgeeks and spotted cyberfox 64 bit. So installed it and ran a few pages - its FASTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!

    I just opened nasa tv and within 5 seconds was watching live ISS feed images of earth!!
    I don't think it's because of browser, internet speed and speed of site has more to do with it. I don't find cyberfox 64 any faster than FF.
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    Just installed cyberfox in my laptop, appreciable difference. Not the internet, because I opened pale moon against cyberfox, and cyberfox won, easily. Just see how it does as time progresses.
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    Yellow Belly
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    I used Chrome for three or four years and it is snappy but eventually got fed up with Google constantly socially-engineering it, to the detriment of the user, in order to improve their bottom line. Things such as making any control or feature that may hamper their profit, in anyway, non-existent or harder to find. When I click on Google homepage link I strangely find the cursor in the address bar, trying to get me to use that as the default search location instead of the box in the page. Everything about Google now is geared towards increasing your exposure to adverts and collecting your data. The search pages have too many irrelevant search entries now as well.

    I've ended up on Firefox and gradually starting to use DuckDuckGo search much more because it's more like Google used to be and doesn't track you.
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    I use google search but they cant track me, I have anti trackers built into my AVG
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    I have used Firefox as my main browser for many years and have it configured the way I want with indispensable Add Ons I use every day, I tried Chrome for a couple of weeks but still prefer Firefox.
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    It depends ! I use Chrome for Google services and Firefox for general navigation.

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    If Chrome would have a decent bookmarks bar on the left it would convince me to move over. Like it is now, I prefer Palemoon
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    ah well, another browser bites the dust. Cyberfox. I have just uploaded a web site to new servers and went in to check that it had all gone in. Cyberfox was displaying stupid texts which I knew were not there online. So I tried palemoon and IE11 - both were perfect.
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Between Firefox & Chrome Which Do You Prefer?
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