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Outlook 2013 is displaying 0x8004210a error

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    Outlook 2013 is displaying 0x8004210a error

    I have a new computer running Windows 8.1 (64 bit, version 6.3 Build 9600) that I recently installed Office 2013 Professional Plus. Install went fine and I proceeded to setup an email account in Outlook that accesses a POP account. Setup of the account went fine and mail was flowing in and out just fine.

    A week later, I am now getting an error message when Outlook goes to check mail - the error being 0x8004210a.

    Here is what I have checked so far but been unable to get Outlook working correctly.

    1. Went to website and logged into mail using ISP webmail to verify all is working and that was successful.
    2. Checked and rechecked settings for the mail account and all settings are correct
    3. Did a repair of the Office package through Control Panel - Programs and Features which successfully completed.
    4. Ran full scan with Malwarebytes and came up clean.
    5. Ran full scan with McAfee LiveSafe - Internet Security (installed antivirus software) and came up clean.

    An iPhone and iPad setup to access this same mail account have no issues receiving and sending mail so it is specific to this new desktop machine.

    Here are some other things I have tried and noted. When opening Outlook and then looking over the settings for the mail account, when I click on the Check Connectivity button to see if the settings are OK, it will time out and fail. At this point, I seem to have DNS problems as opening IE or FireFox and trying to visit any site takes forever for the page to resolve and display. Upon reboot, DNS is fine as opening IE and FireFox and surfing is as should be but as soon as I open Outlook and it fails to make the connection, DNS problems.

    Another weird thing is this. If I go to Control Panel - Mail (32-bit) and check the settings of the mail account in question (by the way it is the only mail account under the profile), all the settings are the same as checking through Outlook but when doing it through the Mail (32-bit) control panel, I can hit the Check Connectivity button and all goes through just fine.

    So why does it go through fine when checking from here, but when checking through Outlook it fails?

    Again, all this was working fine for a week or so and then all of a sudden does not work with the stated error coming up.

    I have also tried a few other things I have read while searching the net such as ipconfig /flushdns, as well as changing the DNS to and on the network card that is currently active. None of these has helped the issue.

    Any thoughts greatly appreciated.


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    Just wanted to post a quick note saying that I played around with McAfee and disabled the Anti-Spam module and tried running Outlook and everything seemed to work fine. So, I turned the Anti-Spam back on and things still seem to be running OK. Not sure why it worked fine for a week and then had this hiccup but all seems fine now.

    Maybe all the stars and planets are in alignment now. Hopefully it is solved and we have no more issues.

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Outlook 2013 is displaying 0x8004210a error
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