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Opening mail from the Windows 8 desktop

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    Question - On page 2 of the start menu, where I launch the mail icon . I can right click and uninstall . Suppose i do that. From where would I re-install the Mail app?


    Found a thread that confined you need to search for the app in the Windows store to reinstall it. I searched and it did not show up. Others also commented the same. What a joke. Also uninstalling the Mail app also uninstalls Calendar and Contacts, which I dont really want to do just yet.

    So, I have a native Mail app with no way to get to Mail settings. And no way to easily delete it.

    I just plain give up on this native app... Life is short. Bigger fish to fry.
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    Frankly, you aren't missing much. It's not a very good mail app anyway.

    Don't understand why you are having the issues you are having, it really shouldn't be that difficult.
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    When I opened mine, it had the question posed, but allowed me to say 'no thanks'. You HAVE TO let it load. The bigger your trash, sent, and inboxes are the LONGER it takes! Your home internet bandwidth makes a difference too.

    And the settings are on the far right side in the thing called settings. Then you go to 'accounts'. To access the 'swipe in from right' (you'd probably just use the mouse), see this video tutorial: Getting started tutorials for Windows - Windows tutorial

    See mine below:
    Click image for larger version
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    Clearly there is something off. I too do not understand why I am having issues here.

    When I go to the charm bars and select Setting and Accounts, I see the login accounts to my computer ; I do not not see any email accounts.

    How do I get to the "Mail" settings? The one that allows me to add or remove more email/yahoo/gmail/ exchange accounts? If I could get to those settings, I may be able to move forward. Right now when I hit Mail, it opens to the GMail account I added earlier in this thread as a test. Now that its ts added, I have no way to remove it, and no way to add other email accounts, as I have no ability to get to Mail settings.
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    OK figured it out.....finally

    It was two issues:
    1) Something is off with my charms bar.... but when I did a Windows C with the Gmail account I was able see the proper setting for email accounts, and thus able to delete Gmail Account
    2) the Outlook email account was listed, even though Mail did not take me there and only prompted me for more accounts, and all that was because the Email check box within the settings was unchecked.


    I will google/search the charms bar issue to see what that one is about.
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Opening mail from the Windows 8 desktop
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