With both Firefox and Chrome browsers, if I were to fullscreen the application onto a second monitor with no taskbar the hot corners cease functioning on that particular monitor; hot corners still function as normal on any monitor that does not have a full screened browser. Problem does not seem to happen with IE.

Possibly related is that if I have a video in full screen mode on the primary monitor (with the taskbar) and then I click into Firefox or Chrome on another monitor, the taskbar pops up over the full screen video and does not go away until I click somewhere else (either the desktop, another window, or the flash player icon on the taskbar). Problem persists with a window that has been fullscreened using the F11 key.

Considered some sort of graphics glitch/video card issue at first, however happens on two different systems but not a third; one with a Radeon 280x and one with two GTX 780s. Third computer also with two GTX 780s does not have same issue. All three computers have the latest drivers installed for their particular card.

Uninstalled and reinstalled drivers for cards, flash software, browsers, disabled all addons/plugins (ran in safe mode), checked taskbar settings, everything I can possibly think of but cannot seem to find a fix for this issue.

Note that the hot corners resume working as long as the fullscreened browser is not the focused window. Can click another window or desktop to give it focus and then use the hot corners on the monitor with the fullscreened browser as normal.