I use Office 365 and use Outlook as my email program. I should be able to create an email with picture attachments by using the following procedure.

I am having a problem with my Outlook program. I have designated it as my default program for all emails. However, I cannot send a photo by the following method and have it automatically create an Outlook email ready to send. On my wife’s new 8.1 computer it works just fine.
Starting with a picture in the “Pictures” file I would rt click and select “Send To”, then left click and select “Mail Receipt”. At that point a size selection box appears, you choose the size you want and click “Attach” and it should create an Outlook email ready to add the address and send. This works fine on my wife’s 8.1 computer but does not create an email on my computer. Mine is a Sony Vaio that came with Win 8 and then was upgraded to 8.1.
How can I make this work for me?

I spent an hour with a MS Tech this morning and he claims it is not a problem with Outlook and wants me to sign up for their Assure svc which would cost me $149. Hoping someone can help me here.