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On I E 11 How to Use Google Search Engine instead of Bing

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    Windows 8.1 x64

    You will need to go to the desktop, and open Internet Explorer from there. Once open, you can follow the above guidance from ARC1020 to configure the settings.

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    Be clear about what you are using. IE Apps version, or IE Desktop version.

    In Windows 8.1 IE Desktop version the Manage Add-ons is exactly as ARC1020 says.

    The Blue/white Start Screen Icon can Open either depending on your Windows 8.1 settings.

    The one with ALL options is the Desktop version and settings will then apply to the Apps version.

    So go to the Desktop and open the Desktop version (Yellow/blue Icon) and go to Tools > Manage Add-ons > Search Providers make sure Google search is listed as no. 1 and status says Default. If not, make it default.

    Then go back to Tools > Internet Options > General Tab > Setup your Home Page and Start Page(s) to what you want.
    Then of course Apply > Apply OK etc. and restart IE until you get it as you want it.

    These changes should be reflected in the IE Apps version, obviously check on that.
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    Windows 8.1

    The problem with searching for more search providers from the "Manage Addons" window in IE11 is that Google Search is shown as an 'Accelerator' in the iegallery page. We need to locate Google Search as 'Search Provide' in the iegallery. I used the following method, which adds Google Search to IE11 as the Default search provider:

    1. Install the Google Chrome browser in Windows 8.1. Open the browser and goto "".
    2. Click on 'ADDONS'.
    3. The resulting page contains 'Google Search' and 'Google Translate', in addition to other Addons.

    Click image for larger version

    4. Click on the 'Google Search' icon, resulting in the foll. page:

    Click image for larger version

    Copy the web address in the address bar to the clipboard.

    5. Close the Chrome browser and open Internet Explorer 11 (desktop program - NOT the Start screen app!!).
    6. Paste the clipboard contents into the address bar and press 'Enter'.
    7. The same 'Google Search' page shown above will open. Click on the large 'Add to Internet Explorer' button.
    8. Wait for the confirmation window to open. Tick both the Check boxes (Make Google the Default Search provider and Accept Suggestions), then click on 'OK'.

    9. Click on Tools, then on 'Manage Addons'. Click on 'Search Providers'. Google will be the Default Search engine, Bing will be Disabled.

    10 Restart Internet Explorer and search from the address bar - The results displayed will be from Google.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ARC1020 View Post
    'Not Available' is normal. It's saying 'Search Suggestions' and 'Top Result' are unavailable, but that doesn't prevent the Search Provider from working:

    Attachment 55896

    I'm not sure what you mean by "when I select I E; I get MSN combined with Bing". How are you searching, by typing directly into the address bar? You could always try manually adding Google as a Search Provider to see whether that works OK.

    1) Go to - IE7 Search provider builder
    2) Paste into the first box
    3) Type Google into the second box
    4) Click 'Install' button.
    5) When the IE box comes up, also tick 'Make this my default search provider'.

    Attachment 55897

    As everything works OK for me it's a bit of a guessing game, however it may also be worth looking through the Internet Explorer Settings. For example, does unchecking 'Use Windows Search for better results' make any difference?

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    Big Thanks to ARC1020 for the link to the tool.

    I had tried everything including editing Reg. as suggested elsewhere to try to get a working but to no avail.

    Entered address as suggested modified to version and it added first time.

    I had tried other routes but as noted Google is now a Pinned page not a search engine in the addons and a link to a page to add just said already exists when it didn't and wouldn't/failed to replace or create default ???

    The - IE7 Search provider builder page worked and I have also used it to add other search pages now as well. Thanks again.

    Anybody know a way to get search suggestions added ? Unless that is a bad idea !!!!

    Cheers Pete
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    (Selected) Settings added into Registry Item GoooogleUK

    FaviconURL :

    OSDFileURL :

    URL. :{searchTerms}
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On I E 11 How to Use Google Search Engine instead of Bing
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