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IE Pop-Up Loop cannot exit

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    IE Pop-Up Loop cannot exit

    So today when I was redirected to a page and found that I couldn't exit out of because of persistent pop-ups I really wanted to figure out how to close that page down without having to task manager / IE / end task thus closing all my other open web pages in the process. I tried just about everything but the problem is there isn't a lot of options when this happens. And ya know what after all these years and all the versions of internet explorer I still cant figure out how a webpage can keep you locked in like that. One pop up that says "stay on page"/"leave page" and another pop up that says "message from webpage - your browser is out of date" you only have the option to click ok which then reloads the previous pop up. So here you have a loop of two pop ups that locks a webpage and I haven't found any way to close it without end task on all my IE pages at once. I want to know how someone closes that webpage without using end task on all IE processes. And yes I have pop-up blocker enabled.

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    Seems you were redirected to a spam/adware site. Using taskmgr is the safest way to exit.

    Scan with your AV and run adwcleaner.
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IE Pop-Up Loop cannot exit
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