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IE11 Metro Stuck on Webpage, unusable

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    IE11 Metro Stuck on Webpage, unusable

    Hey Guys,

    New to the forums, thanks for taking time to read my thread

    So the metro version of IE11 on my Surface tablet is stuck on a webpage. I accidentally clicked through to one of those annoying ad pages that asks if "are you sure you want to leave this page?" (I don't know why that is even possible to program in, its incredibly annoying) Anyway, I'm stuck in a loop where it just keeps asking the question. I tried shutting IE down in task manager but it just reboots to the same page. How/should I set IE to boot to a homepage instead of last page visited? Any solutions would be very helpful.

    Thanks again and Happy Holidays!

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    force close tab in IE11 app on windows RT 8.1 - Microsoft Community

    This link had the solution (Method 1 worked fine) If anyone has an answer for settings that avoid this problem from arising in the first place, please let me know

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IE11 Metro Stuck on Webpage, unusable
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