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    gmail remove chat contact

    I added a contact that appeared under the chat contacts in gmail. Then some public talk profile was generated and also added for the same person. I could delete the chat that I added regularly but not the 73yrfhvyrfgirigu @ crap that was generated. I read somewhere I had to search for Circles and things in google plus - Firstly it is not in ANY contacts page that you can go to from the gmail. It is not in any circles either, and yet when you click in the Hangouts in the search bar this contact appears as a suggestion. On other places like circles, find co-workers among the mess that Google+ is you can find other emails you have emailed are suggested and not this particular contact. And yet for Hangouts this is the only suggestion that comes first and it has no option to remove from chat and I can't find what stores it... Holy crap google

    Added the contact to a new circle removes it below the chat but now when you go to Contacts > Circles and see the circle, you cannot remove the circle or the chat. It is in the gmail circle not google+ .. After lots of trouble clicking on People > Circles and finding where to click on the newly created circle to 'Edit Circle' found the delete option, the name within the circle is gone from both the Chat below in gmail and the circle, Idk how.

    Q: The name is still suggested and pops up as a contact with profile pic when I click 'Search' field in the Hangouts? Where is this name stored to delete it? Yes cookies cleared many times same day.
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gmail remove chat contact
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