I have a nice new fast PC with a pair 28" flat monitors and fast Internet but Win 8.1 must think I am on some puny or phone because everything looks like crap and some things are unusable.

In Office Outlook the icons for some buttons like Send Mail don't show.

IE 11 won't show half the stuff on most web pages like icon buttons, background image buttons, or even display some other images.
In short a nice web site just looks like a nearly blank white page or crap you have to just slide your mouse around and hope you find whats hid by text.
And this is just past acceptable, right here, this forum in IE 11 on win8.1

Pretty much the same Firefox 33.0.3 except even more annoying with even drop-down menus not functioning properly.

My question is how do I get 8.1 to quit trying to 'help' me work faster by not displaying things as they were intended?