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Why does my Google query appear in URL field?

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    Why does my Google query appear in URL field?

    Hi, not specifically a Windows 8 question but just a one..

    Why is it that whenever I start typing a search query in the Google box at, it starts typing into the URL bar rather than the text box in the middle of the screen? This happens whether I use Chrome or Firefox..with Chrome it goes into the URL bar, and with Firefox it goes into a dynamic search box top left.

    Just wondering if this is normal? I find it a bit annoying...but maybe thats how things are now?

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    Hey mate.

    Not sure what you mean entirely? you are able to type queries into the address bar, and it will use your search provider (often google) just like if you were to go to and type it inside the webpage. Works both ways, and this way you don't have to waste time searching for google first.
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    DustSailor, he's not talking about Omnibox (the address bar merging with search bar)...

    To the OP, I'm not sure about FF but in Chrome this behavior is normal since the version released in September.

    When you click on New Tab, and use the search bar there it will redirect you to the address bar which is very annoying. This is working as designed. No idea what's the point of the search bar in the middle if its acts like that myself...
    Note though that New Tab IS NOT Google's real website, even if their logo and search bar show up. This is a built-in page in Chrome. You can always type in the adress bar and you'll see it works correctly.

    Here is what Google has to say about this useless "feature" :
    Start typing your search query into the search box and you'll see your query appear in the omnibox. You can also enter a URL to navigate to a webpage.
    Source :

    If you don't like it, there are various extensions for Chrome that allow you to personalize the new tab (Top 20 Google Chrome Extensions To Customize Your New Tab Page). Since the Search bar is useless you might as well get rid of it and use the address bar directly, and replace New Tab with something like Opera's Speed Dial (maybe the extension Speed Dial 2 which is very similar).
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    I know that Firefox has many influences of google, partly because google funds most of their nonprofit in the design of it. So it makes sense.

    I do not notice this behavior in the new tab of Internet Explorer, though they have a new Bing bar addition it seems:
    Click image for larger version
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    Actually today, I typed something into the Bing dialogue box and it did the same thing that Google does. First time I've seen it in IE. The query is appended to the Bing address in the bar and executed there. No big thing, it's the same exact thing it was doing in the search box but in the background.

    If you open the History in your browser and hover over one of the links, you'll see the entire search string there. Not sure if searches were stored in History before. In any case, it's actually a good feature.

    Yes, maybe annoying for some.
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    Could it be that in the progression of things the Search from the Address Bar feature is what is doing it?
    Search with the Internet Explorer 9 Address bar Should apply to later versions.
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    Thanks everyone, especially oneeyed.
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Why does my Google query appear in URL field?
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