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Outlook Express pops open when I haven't asked it to

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    Outlook Express pops open when I haven't asked it to

    Often, as in several times daily, Outlook Express will suddenly pop open while I'm using another app. This happens while Express is pinned to the taskbar and is open in the background. It happens when I am using the built in mouse on my Lenovo laptop to move the cursor around the screen although it has happened when my mouse is in the centre, periphery, moving up, moving down, left, right etc so there doesn't seem to be any correlation between any particular motion I'm making with the mouse and this very annoying glitch occurring. I.e. I haven't noticed that I am accidentally pressing a button or using some mouse gesture that would cause this to happen although I'm not really up on all the possible ways that 8.1 uses to open/close apps.
    Any obvious culprits I should be looking at?


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    I thought Outlook Express stopped working after Windows XP.
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    You could be right. It actually says it's Outlook but it didn't look like the full version of it to me so I assumed it was an express version. I don't use it for email except for when I click on a web email link and it automatically opens. Then I leave it open and pinned to taskbar until that particular conversation is over. So it could be the full version of Outlook.
    The funny thing is that even though I have other apps open and pinned, its only Outlook that pops open like this.
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    No? This isn't something anyone can help me out with?
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    The default e-mail program (in this case Outlook) will pop up or open if the mouse cursor clicks on an e-mail link on a web page or e-mail link that is embedded in a document or spreadsheet.
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    Thank-you. This isn't happening when I click on anything though. This is happening simply as a result of moving the cursor across the screen. It happens in different places on the screen, when I'm moving in any direction (i.e. it doesn't happen only when I move in one particular direction) and it's only ever Outlook that pops open.
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Outlook Express pops open when I haven't asked it to
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