I have recently installed Windows 8.1 and use AOL for mail. If I use the 'Search box' located on my inbox page to find a website and then return to my inbox and try to delete the text from the 'search box' - emails in my inbox get deleted instead. I have checked that I am placing the curser in the "search box" but it still deletes one or sometimes several emails. Does anyone know why this would happen.

This is one of three quirks that I am experiencing - another is that having opened an email from a website e.g money supermarket when i click in the right hand corner to maximise the page size it opens full size then immediately reverts back to the original. And finally when I go to return an email and start typing the message it will type the first few letters and then stop. I have to replace the curser, click and start typing again.

These are all annoying, they don't happen consistently and I have no idea if they are related or not. Can anyone give me any pointers as to what might help.