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Constant error messages

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    Constant error messages

    I signed up for when I recently got a new Windows 8.1 laptop as part of the Microsoft User account. Don't have any type of Outlook program or other e-mail program installed in Windows 8.1. All of my e-mail is web/browser based.

    I am receiving and sending e-mails fine, but from the time I login to I am constantly geting one of the two error messages below: (this happens in both Internet Explorer and Chrome x32 & x64).

    " was not able to complete this request. Microsoft may contact you about any issues you report. [Close]"


    "Something happened on our end. Please refresh your browser or close it and sign in again. [Refresh] [Close]"

    I clear the messages and they will pop up again when I access another e-mail to read. The account is as generic as can be, I haven't done any customizations. My Windows 8.1 is OEM from Dell and generic as can be, no customizations. Running MS Defender and Malwarebytes PRO. This happens whether Adblock Plus is enabled or disabled.

    No errors at all in my Yahoo Mail or Gmail accounts.

    Like I said, I receive, read and send e-mails fine in, just keep getting these annoying error messages. Anyone else get these? Have you found a solution?

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    same experience - MS needs to try harder I guess or they risk people flocking to gmail and other mail services providers
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    Check your pop-up blocker settings. Make a safe site. Also check your browsers for third party add-on pop-up blockers. The 'Better Pop-up Blocker' is known for this.

    Also, try switching to SSL to connect. GODADDY email and others have the same problem and most are fixed by using SSL and it's port. Of course, that is if you are using a client.

    And look for the extension "Do Not Track Plus" and disable it.
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    Something happened at our end

    I had this issue for a couple of years and, now and then tried to find a solution on the interweb but nothing worked for me till I had an idea. I finally realised that when I clicked on the Refresh option, all was good until I restarted my system then I would get the error again. My startup screens in Chrome included the Outlook page where I got the error every restart. I checked and noted the Address Bar contained updated / different info after the Refresh.


    All I did was clicked Refresh, error message was then gone, I then copied the new info from the Address Bar and updated my links and Startup Screen Address with this new info. Viola, error gone.
    Worked for me, hope it works for you.
    Mike R.

    Sorry. The error message came back after I deleted the email which was highlighted when I copied the address bar contents for the updated links. I have found the PERMANENT SOLUTION is to use this URL which is the original URL with the last part deleted. I put this in my startup page address and page link to Hotmail / Outlook.

    Again this has worked for me, hope its good for you.
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Constant error messages
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