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Email links not hyperlinked. why?

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    Email links not hyperlinked. why?

    Win 8.1. As the title says: Why aren't the links in my email messages hyperlinked. I am unable to activate some accounts, because even if I Copy and Paste them they don't work. I am using MS Mail!
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    Because windows mail app does not parse plain text into a link.

    It really is a simple as that. You can click on something that says href=http://bla bla but not something that just says http://bla bla You don't get to decide - it is the sender.

    For example eightforums send plain text which can not be clicked on. The reason is to stop the messages being flagged as junk (I asked the admins, see here

    Windows Live Mail will understand plain text as a link-, so does Outlook, gmail and outlook web interfaces and almost every email client I've ever seen.

    You could leave some feedback for Microsoft on the mail app (I did actually) and perhaps they will update it in Windows 9. Until then your options are to cut and paste or use a different program.
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    Thanks for that adamf, but you may have missed that I can't Copy and Paste into a browser, it won't work? I n
    ead to activate an app.
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    In chrome you need an extension to provide that functionality. I use one called "Mailto", there are others. I suppose other browsers need the same help.
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    No you don't need to install anything. You right click and select copy in mail app and then right click and select paste in Chrome (or IE or whatever browser you like).

    Have I completely misunderstood your problem here? Are you saying that paste doesn't work either by right clicking or ctrl + V?
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    Adam. I'm saying that when I Copy a link in my email and then try to paste it in IE or Google, it states. "Your search did not match any documents"
    The link is to activate an app that I applied for.
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    If it says that then you have pasted an invalid address and Google Chrome tries to search for it as it assumes it was a search rather than an address.

    Could you post the link and I'll try it (if it isn't a private thing).
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    Adam, I read this in a Microsoft Community post. Note the last sentence.

    "This is expected. Typically, the person who writes the email can decide if an link can be clicked. For example, observe how I can type out a clickable version of and a not-clickable version of Microsoft Corporation. The same process works in an email message -- the person who wrote it can make a link clickable or not.

    But, some email programs are programmed to scan a page and detect anything that might look like a link. For example, it might search the page for the letters HTTP or WWW and automatically convert what it finds into a link. Programs such as Windows Mail and Outlook do this.

    The Windows 8 Mail app does not do this, it has not been programmed to do so"

    Does this last sentence make sense to you Adam. By the way the "Microsoft Corporation" above read as in the original version. Copying rand Pasting changed it, and you couldn't click on it.
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    It absolutely makes sense. The Admin of this site did not want to send mails with href="" as the end up being flagged as spam. Why would he want to do that?

    If you don't like Windows 8 mail app then you best use another program. There is no point complaining about it.

    I like Windows Live Mail personally.
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    Are you absolutely sure you can't copy/paste, Robin? I did this very thing yesterday and it worked. Have you tried copy/paste elsewhere?
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Email links not hyperlinked. why?
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