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Best browser experience in Modern (Metro) UI with touch

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    Best browser experience in Modern (Metro) UI with touch

    I bought a new 2in1 laptop. I have some requirements, but not a lot. I use ad block and Lastpass. Those are absolute requirements. Using Internet Explorer in Modern UI doesn't use any plugs-ins, so that's out. Firefox had a Modern UI Beta, but gave up on it. Chrome has a Modern UI version, but wants to turn my PC into a Chromebook.

    The closest thing I can find is to use Firefox in Desktop mode in full screen. The only problem there is that the onscreen keyboard doesn't appear when it's needed. Also, when in full screen mode, the icon to bring it up the keyboard isn't visible. This makes this solution a non-starter, too.

    I can't be the first person to have this problem. Has anyone solved it? This issue pretty much defeats the touch function for me.

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    Well, Firefox quit there metro UI because only little users used it. Is just go with chrome..
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    A previous Firefox user my self, i have also found the same issues as you mrschwarz. I am currently using Chrome, and have shrunk the chrome panel out of sight. it's not the ideal experience, but it's the compromise i've had to make until a different browser is available with tabs visible.
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    With IE I use the addons from MS called EasyList which block adds (can only add them via desktop version)

    But when I run the metro IE the adds are also blocked, so these addons are being used in the metro version

    *not sure on LastPass though as I don't use it
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Best browser experience in Modern (Metro) UI with touch
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