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Is there a good 64 Bit browser

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    Hi there

    Browser SPEEDS are a bit like reaching the end of a rainbow -- Usually speed is much more dependant on your Internet connection, the capability of the site hosting the URL at the target end (if that's busy it won't matter how fast your network, computer or software is), and what you are doing - for example using a browser to watch video.

    Unless you've got a mega load of plugins - there isn't any significant differences between any of them - so choose the INTERFACE you like best.

    64 bit browsers will only become important once websites start requiring browsers to execute 64 bit code and that's not likely for AGES yet --could become the worlds first Y3K project !!! (Year 3000).


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    Sorry but I very much doubt you'll see an improvement with a 64-bit browser over a 32-bit one. And it's true of most applications. In most cases you can also see a decrease in performance. Google for : Firefox Waterfox Palemoon Comparison as an example and you'll see in most serious speed tests the 32-bit app still remains the best.

    64-bit is only useful in applications that demand a lot of memory such as databases, video processing or scientific computing. For most home users this means you're better off staying with 32-bit for all your applications, and this includes browsers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by retrogamers17 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by pparks1 View Post
    What benefits are you expecting from the switch to a 64bit browser?
    dont really know, but i would think 64 bit software would take advantage of 64 bit cpu's. maybe give stability or speed
    In theory yes, but in reality not so much. Most people use 32-bit, so development of 64-bit gets very little attention, no extra improvements, no bugs being fixed and so on. Also 32-bit runs fine on every system and with no compatibility issues. 64-bit OS has been around for quite some time and majority of software is still 32-bit. Even people do not realize, that almost every security software is 32-bit only, 64-bit compatible is not the same thing. But then again, the more users move to 64-bit, the better and Google will not neglect it.
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    Downloading the 64-bit now. Looking forward to see how it is compared to the 32-bit. I also use Maxthon and Firefox.
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Is there a good 64 Bit browser
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