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Steps to turn off Video auto-play in Facebook.

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    Steps to turn off Video auto-play in Facebook.

    A little FYI for everyone, since there are articles out today, how people were never told about the hidden little feature that turns off video auto-play for Facebook. See below for the instructions how to disable.

    Everyone, there are two ways to disable the Video autoplay feature for Facebook. If you use a Web Browser, go to

    In the iPhone/IPad App, you have to go to Settings for the device, then scroll down to "Facebook", then select to go into the Facebook settings for iOS. Then choose "Video". Then just turn off or set to Wifi.

    For Android devices, it is in the App settings (three horizontal bars), then scroll down to "App Settings", choose "Video Auto-Play".

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    Thank you for the info. Anytime you have an issue with F/B or even your mail or Website. Always go to your Settings to
    find what it is that you are looking for. Whether to turn on/off.
    This applies also to you sharing from you Internet. Make sure you go to settings and "Mark" do no allow users' to connect to
    my connection. There is 2 questions in your internet that may fool you. Just make sure that both are marked, DO NOT allow
    other users' to connect to my account.
    The reason I say this: If someone is outside your home with a laptop, they can actually connect to your computer and you
    dont' even know it. Make sure your Airplane Mode is shut off as well. Leave nothing open!! To many hackers' and thieves'
    in the world today. If the can get you I.P. Address it is unreal what can happen to your computer. Hackers' have to be the worst.
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Steps to turn off Video auto-play in Facebook.
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