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Firefox and Youtube bugs, or is it just Firefox?

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    Firefox and Youtube bugs, or is it just Firefox?

    It started a while back, but now it's getting annoying. Anytime I download from a site, like a picture or media file (music, etc.), it downloads it fully, no question, but it still says it is still downloading even when you can see the current state such as 40.7MB out of 40.7MB completed. Weirdly too, only certain sites do this, but others don't; that might change though. So something is off here, and since I got this from FB and another site or more, Firefox might be having a bug issue. I tried a resetting Firefox, but it didn't do anything. I cannot find any other place that could help me, so I'm trying here. Any ideas?


    Another issue that might be Firefox-related is Youtube. In this case, the viewing history doesn't show any videos. This started yesterday and I thought it was a site issue. It could be, but it's still the case now. Since I mentioned one issue, might as well mention this one too. Any ideas for this one too?

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    As for the Youtube settings, try this:

    1. In Firefox, go to Options
    2. Click on the Privacy tab at the top
    3. In the History Context, click on Exceptions
    4. In the Allow option type this exactly:

    5. Click Allow
    6. Do the same for this:

    7. Click Allow

    Go to Youtube and see if your problem is rectified.
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    Still the same.
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    I'm not positive on this, but I believe in order for Youtube to show the "watched" overlay on videos you've recently seen, you have to be logged in to Youtube with either your Youtube account, or your Google plus account. Are you logging in to either of those?
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    If you wish, you can try to uninstall firefox completely. Make sure you save all your bookmarks first.

    1. Win+X->Programs and Features
    2. Uninstall Adobe Flash Player 14 Plugin
    3. Uninstall Mozilla Firefox 31
    4. Win+r->%APPDATA% and delete the folder: Mozilla
    5. run regedit and goto: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ and delete the key: Mozilla
    6. Download and reinstall Firefox from their official ste:
    7. Reinstall Flash Player plugin

    EDIT: In addition, make sure you have the latest Video driver install from: Drivers | GeForce
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    Yes, of course I'm logged on.

    Just now, since 2:00am EST, the download issue seems to be only for certain things, or its all fixed now all by itself(?). I dl-ed vids from flash sites and not one issue came up. They dl-ed completely and the dl bar finished and went away. Heh, weird.

    More weird: yt is fixed. I didn't do anything. I guess it was a site issue. I guess this is solved.
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Firefox and Youtube bugs, or is it just Firefox?
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