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Chrome: Opening multiple URL's in a single shortcut

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    Chrome: Opening multiple URL's in a single shortcut

    I know that this is a Windows 8 forum, but I am using Windows 8 and wondered if you guys knew if there is a solution to what I am trying to do.

    Is there a way that I can make a shortcut for Chrome that will open multiple URL's at once? I know how to make one that will open a single URL, but is there a way to open several? For example, can I make a shortcut on my desktop that will open, and all at once.

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    The new chrome I don't see a setting to open new pages in tabs. I assume it's the default behavior.

    To open more than one url just leave a space between them. That's how my BrowserBunch program works.

    XP and later the command tail can be up to 4095 characters long. So you can actually open quite a few.

    Example target line
    x:\chrome\chrome.exe site1 site2 site3 site4 site5

    (I'm not typing in urls or the forum software will dereference the links)
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    When you start Chrome have it open a specific page or set of pages.

    Click image for larger version
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    For that matter you can use BrowserBunch to open all the urls in a text file. One url per line.
    I have text files with tab sets pinned to it on TaskBar.

    It works in chrome,opera,firefox etc.. not in IE since IE notoriously insists on opening pages in new windows even when set to new tabs, when run from command line with multiple urls.

    In FF i like Tab Grenade. I don't think it has a version for chrome though.
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Chrome: Opening multiple URL's in a single shortcut
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