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Windows Live Mail for METRO?

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    Windows Live Mail for METRO?

    In windows 7 I use Windows Live Mail as my email client. It's a free email client that is a part of the Windows Live suite of programs that include messenger etc.

    I like it because it is free and I can create my own email accounts and connect to my own email server.

    I was a little disappointed when I got the Win 8 DP and then the CP to find that it wasn't there by default. I'm not interested in the Mail Metro app, I'm not interested in creating new Microsoft email accounts just to use it.

    Is there going to be a Metro version of Windows Live Mail?


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    You can use the Windows 7 version on Windows 8 CP. I also use Live Photo Gallery and Live Movie Maker on Windows 8 CP.

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    yeah I guess this is what I will do for now. It would be really nice to see a metro version though... Especially if I could create a tile on the start page that could be very large (say 5 tiles deep) which would show me my calendar listings for the day. That would be very very useful to have that info immediately available.
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    I am still trying to get to grips with what are commonly called "Metro Apps". Even the web definition doesn't help (me!)
    "What are Metro style apps and how do they differ from desktop apps?"
    Metro style apps are immersive and chromeless, filling the entire screen
    so there are no distractions.
    Metro style apps work together, making it easy to search, share, and
    send content between them."

    That is one of my few contentions, for the moment. I do NOT want it to fill the whole screen by default.
    But, referring to the OP. I guess you meant that there was no tile in the Metro interface, by default? Live Mail, as you know, has never been provided as a default, although it would have been a good idea, as far back as Vista. It is easy enough to create the tile, of course. I have worked out how to open Live Mail, on initial start of my computer, but I still have to open the legacy desktop to see it - working on that! Not sure, though, if I would want it to fill so much of the screen on startup though - I feel I would need a little more room.
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    Click image for larger version

    Windows Live Mail has both a desktop and a metro-variant. Microsoft is still working on integrating as much (Former-)Windows Live services as possible, excluding a hand full of services it's mostly a success + Windows 8 is a great boost for Bing.

    I use both Windows Live Mail and Microsoft Outlook 2010, but I see Microsoft Outlook 2010 as a € 200,- version of Windows Live Mail
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Windows Live Mail for METRO?
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