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    Outlook and Live help

    I have both on my windows 8.1 OS. I prefer Outlook, but sometimes for whatever reason, my mail does not download and I have to go to gmail to read it. So I downloaded Live Mail as a backup. I would keep Live Mail except I don't care for it as much as far as the set up and the way it groups my mails and the way you have to close an email in order to reply. Sooooooooooooo I though I'd just use it as a backup when Outlook is acting up. But as long as it is active my mail won't download to Outlook it goes to live. I tried to remove default from Live mail but it doesn't give me the option.

    Also an email program came with my 8 computer but I never used it because the mail has to be encrypted... does that mean I can't use it with my gmail account?

    I know what you are going to say.... why not use gmail interface, but I actually hate it. Hate the way it handles the mail folders and I can never find where to forward, reply... don't like it. I also like to leave my mail program open and get a preview of what mail just arrived. I wish for a perfect email program because I'm not crazy about either Outlook or Live, but I guess those are my only choices.

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    There are some anti virus programs and such out there that monitor the incoming receivers and it's possible that at certain times it may be blocking them from arriving then.

    You could always try a pst repair tool as well

    For 2013:
    For other Office versions:
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    It wants me to locate the file I want fixed. I can't find Outlook mail anywhere.
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    How to locate, move, or back up your personal folders (.pst) file in Outlook

    this should help you find it I believe let me know if that's the wrong link.
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    For a Microsoft Outlook 2000 (IMO) version of this article, see 257831 (How to move your personal folders file in Outlook 2000 that is installed in Internet Mail Only mode )
    . For a Microsoft Outlook 98 (IMO) version of this article, see 257836 (OL98: (IMO) How to Move Your Personal Folders )
    For a Microsoft Outlook 97 version of this article, see 197124 (OL97: How to Move Your Personal Folders File to Another Location )

    I have 2013
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    I don't honestly know besides something like that. It isn't just Outlook though I know that much. There have been times even on webmail where it would take like half a day to receive new emails. In your outlook does pressing f5 help to refresh?(I'm not too familiar with the actual office outlook client but I assume it has that functionality)
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Outlook and Live help
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