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Can't get rid of "Pricechoop" extension

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    Can't get rid of "Pricechoop" extension

    Im running windows 8.1 and i cant seem to get rid of a "Pricechoop" (Not pricechop) extension in Google chrome. It keeps putting up ads everywhere. I can trash the extension but everytime i restart the computer it comes back. Malwarebytes is showing nothing and it isnt in my add/remove programs under control panel. I googled "pricechoop" and nothing comes up. Any idea's?

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    Maybe one of these will help.HijackThis is pretty good---

    Free Antivirus Protection - Download Antivirus Software - Trend Micro USA
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    K ill try that one thanks. Also is it normal to have this many users, 4 of which are within 24 hrs ?

    Click image for larger version
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    Hi there.

    reminds me of Bubbledock -- probably the worst (or best - depending on which side of the fence you are coming from !!!) piece of adware I'd ever seen -- this was embedded so deep into a system that any AV /malware cleaner couldn't remove it in spite of these "cleansers" reporting the computer clean and the Bubbledock program GONE. A total windows recovery from a clean backup image was the quickest answer in the end.

    I don't like Chrome now --it used to be OK but is now too "add ridden" -- well I suppose Google want to keep making money somehow. I'd just uninstall Chrome and use another browser.

    If you are still getting the popups in say IE 11 then just restore a clean backup image -- it usually is the best method for dealing with this type of problem -- I hope you ARE taking regular backups !!.

    Incidentally the way of the world now seems to be "Try and Monetise everything" -- more and more websites start playing a commercial (fortunately you can still skip them but for how much longer) before passing you to the item you actually want to read.

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    Show 'Hidden Files and Folders':
    Folder Options - Add or Remove View Items in Windows 8
    then navigate to C:\Users\*username*\AppData\Roaming\Google\Chrome\Extensions and remove any folder remotely related to the pertaining problem.
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    Hey guys thanks for the help. I figured i would try reinstalling chrome so i uninstalled it and went to go download it again on IE but turns out i uninstalled EI awhile back lol. So what i had to do was reset my computer back by reinstalling windows 8. Now iv'e downloaded chrome again (and wont uninstall EI this time) and its not showing up in my extensions anymore. I've also done a scan with malwarebytes and windows defender and nothing is showing up, does that mean everything is ok?
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Can't get rid of "Pricechoop" extension
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