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IE11 annoyance

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    I am on chrome, the lesser of the evils

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    I started with Netscape Navigator long. long time ago, so with FF I'm in some way still with it because Mozilla is a spinoff of it.
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    windows 8.1 crap

    windows 8 and 8.1 Horrific

    Windows 8 and 8.1 are the night of the living hell. Tried to downgrade to windows 7 and the computer completely stopped working. Those fools in India customer service all they could say is: so sorry mum, I had to purchase windows 8 pro after all the money I spent on this computer. Horrible. Now nothing downloads, no pdfs, txt files, or any programs. Tried to download Firefox, it gave me an error message download could not be done. It is very, very frustrating. Cannot even view a movie from DVD because in order to do that you have to BUY w8 pro which has a license to view DVD's. Rediculous.
    And IE11 is not helping either, its horrible too.

    Quote Originally Posted by jedi105 View Post
    Hello all. New to this forum. I ran a search and didn't find my particular problem so I started this new thread. I am also new to Windows 8.1. Let me first say, I'm not a fan of the new metro style anything so I have basically tried to default my system to try to be as Windows 7 like as possible. I use the desktop programs exclusively and consider the "apps" version of the programs to be a waste of space. I'll wait til update 2 hits before I make my decision regarding launcher programs or just downgrading back to 7.

    So, the problem I have with IE11 are a few actually.

    Firstly, is there any way to disable the totally annoying popup at the bottom of the screen. It pops up when downloading, or when a screen is in compatibility mode, or when something or other about the page is deemed so important that it needs to interrupt the operator. Its quite annoying, especially when downloading large quantities of files. I have disabled the pop up after each download and it more or less behaves ok but occasionally it will pop up out of nowhere. Very annoying

    Second, I have noticed that when I have IE11 doing something in the background, it will randomly popup to remind me that its there. For instance, I was downloading a couple files and I pushed IE11 to the back. I had file explorer open because I was moving family photos of the hard drive to external storage. I had just selected all the files I wanted in a particular folder and whamo, IE11 popped back up to the front. No reason. It just did. I suspect that a download had just finished and IE11 was just so darn excited it couldn't control itself. So low and behold, when I went back to file explorer, all the the files I selected were deselected.

    I swear to you, I feel windows 8 is like a disobedient child. WTF was Microsoft thinking when they made the default action when logging in to login to the last user logged in. That is a major security violation in my opinion. MS is always talking about how secure they are making their OS and they go ahead and do something so boneheaded like that. I have tried the tutorials on making the User screen the default login location but it still boots directly into my account on the computer. I suspect that its because I don't have a password set but then, I don't want one set. uuugghhh...

    Anyway, your help with IE11 will be greatly appreciated. If I cant disable the download manager or the popup banner on the bottom, then at least help me stop the pushing IE11 to the front all the time.

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    I don't know what issue your having with ie11 myri ?
    But if you review this most of which will apply to ie11 please post back,
    Tweaks for Internet explorer
    Start a new question too,
    This one has been tainted by one hater after another,
    There's usually a reason for everything,
    Start by posting your security all third party software not loaded with window,
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    I've never had any issues with ie of any version opening the same size as it was closed at
    Check your resolution settings,
    Screen Resolution - Set for Displays in Windows 8
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    I have had to revert to FF on my laptop (Win 7) because of issues with chrome too. Remember, it depends on what you use your pc for. Chrome does not allow me to listen in YouTube (I watch interesting videos and do research on there too). And CHrome does not allow me to cut and paste research items without it copying the background too. As I switch text (from sites and emails), I need to be able to do that. And on my pc - opera (which, in win 7) also has a few probs.

    FF might have a few spy bugs in it, but at least the damn thing works. I have tried more browsers in the last year than there were animals in the Ark!
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    Although FF is not perfect (none of them are) with just a few Add-ons is as close as possible. I too went from Netskape and up thru most of them but plain-jane FF is easiest one for me. Only thing I was using IE for was to save as MHT file but since that add-on I don't even have to go to IE any more. In Chrome I just get lost for anything but simplest surfing. I even carry portable FF when I have to work on other people's computers.
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    I think I was a bit vague on that reply.

    pc - (win 8.1 pro) -using opera, so far so good

    laptop - (win 7 home prem) - firefox FF does not like my win 8.1 on the pc for some reason.

    What add ons would you recommend for FF on my laptop then?
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    I am using and enabled all the time :

    Download Helper for MM files from internet, mostly Youtube.

    UnMHT for downloading whole pages in one file and use it offline latter on, on IE or FF. (had to make FF default program for opening .mht files)

    Saved Password Editor, for managing passwords for not very important sites, bank and business stuff I never let FF remember or keep cookies.

    Bulk Image Downloader and Youtube Auto High Definition are disabled until needed.

    Of Plugins:
    Google Earth
    Microsoft Office
    Microsoft Office (No idea why twice)
    Are set to: ask to activate

    Media Player
    Shockwave Flash
    Verimatrix ViewRight (required for my IPTV)
    VLC Web Plug-in
    are set to Always active.

    Beside all that, I have Addguard 5.9 installed to get rid of annoying stuff. Only problem with it is that you have to manually ad exemptions for some sites because it prevents some form filling on them.
    FF still opens within one second and there's no slowdown that I noticed, everything plays and opens except some sites Mozilla deems dangerous. This last thing started to be visible with v31.0.
    Never had big troubles with FF except with Flash here and there. Of bars I use old time Menu Bar only, just too used to that I suppose.
    Used to have some other add-ons like "Old Time Favorites" because my only beef with FF is clunky Bookmarks menu. but it does not work any more.
    Some PDF loader but now it's native.
    Few other Youtube downloaders but now this one I have works perfectly.
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    There's absolutely nothing wrong with using other browsers,
    It's the unnecessary bashing of any I hate to see
    I believe you might look at post 15 and review some of the stuff on that link and possibly it might help with general usage in ie,
    The other research stuff I'm not familiar with but add-ons are add-ons for features like that,

    Really weird about Chrome and youtube though ?
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