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    Help with Outlook

    I do genealogy and I need to save important emails I get from people with hints and connections. I use Outlook and I have a folder for different things: Genealogy, Banking, Games, Computer, Save, etc. I drag the email into the folders so when I want to see one of them, they are there.

    My problem is.... they are disappearing. Today all my Genealogy emails were gone! These were important contacts and info. Then last week it was the contents of Games, and before that Computer. What is going on and how can I stop it without going to another mail program? It is Outlook 2013. Not sure if this is important or not but my mail address is gmail.
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    Don't have 2013, but check to see if auto-archiving is turned on. If so, open the archive .pst and your messages should be there.
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    OK where is auto archiving? Ohhh I found it... for each folder it says "Do Not Archive Items in this Folder" Sometimes it's the whole folder that disappears and sometimes it's just the emails and I find an empty folder.
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    I sent an email to my son and asked him to reply and I never got the reply. It's sitting on Gmail but never moved to Outlook. Can any one suggest a good email program that works with gmail? Or do I have to change my email address again? Ugh.
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    I don't use gmail but you may want to look through the settings there and see if they have some type of archiving "feature".
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    OK I think I solved it... maybe not the right way but it works. For anyone else having this problem. Before you put the email you want saved into a labeled folder... click on the red flag marking it as important. Then when it disappears all you have to do is click on TASKS at the bottom and all the red flagged emails are there. Can I give myself a rep point? LOL
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Help with Outlook
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