Does anyone have a good writeup on moving Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail under Windows 8.1?

I've tried to follow half a dozen different writeups I found for this but none of them work right.

WLM is a PITA. Once installed I can't get it to have only the account I want. It always has the Inbox at the top then the account I set up down a few icons.

Maybe I should switch to Thunderbird or some other mail program?

First I want to completely remove WLM from Windows 8.1, including all account info, how is that done.
Next I want to do a new install of WLM and migrate the account, messages, favorites from OE to WLM.

Should be simple but it's not. WLM did not like the exported OE .pst file created when you export messages in OE.
Imported Accounts don't show up in WLM.