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Mail app ignores emails in folders other than Inbox

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    I get notifications for all folders. I'm wondering if one of the latest Windows updates broke this since it was patch Tuesday the other day? Can you restore it back to an earlier time?

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    Don't think so since this problem is quite old (2 months now for me).

    I'm surprised you actually don't have this issue since a lot of users have this problem for quite a while as seen below:

    Mail app in windows 8 does not notify sub-folders email - Microsoft Community

    windows 8 - The Mail app only tells me about new messages if they arrive in my inbox - Super User

    Huge Missing Feature: Mail subfolder alerts/notifications - Windows Phone Central Forums

    Someone already posted on these forums about this. Also, this seems to be a famous problem among Windows Phone users.

    I already posted at the Microsoft Community forums but the mods there always come up with the same standard "solution" protocols that don't fix anything.
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    Oh? Quite frankly I haven't noticed too many, although you may be right. Quite honestly, I haven't come across a fix. The non-sleep issue is another. Being somewhat of a "flagship" OS with the big changes it's somewhat understandable, but issues should be fixed over time. Quicker than the pace they're at if they want the "new way" to fly IMO. I think more problems than with previous newly released OSs, but their problems got fixed over time. Thing is too is that 7 was probably the least problematic out of any new releases.

    No problems with my Nokia Lumia 1520 8.1 DP phablet with notifications either or previously with 8 on it. I'm what I consider to a MS/Windows "purist" since I run with as much out of the box Windows software. Native Defender, firewall, Modern/Metro apps, maintenance, etc. Don't get me wrong. I have some minor problems, but nothing I can't fix easily or tolerate if I can't.

    As with the non-sleep issue I think there are variables that no one seems to be able to zero in on. Some don't have any problems at all and what fixes one machine doesn't fix another. Personally I think as in the past most problems are caused by faulty drivers or updates, but that's just me.

    Do you have a mirror you can take it back to? Perhaps a refresh? I know it's a PITA!

    Refresh Windows 8
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    I'm quite the same. Always using native apps that come with Windows and only installing the ones that I really need.

    To be honest, I'm not really fond of restoring or refreshing Windows since there is nearly always something that's not restored 100% correctly afterwards.

    OldGuyGeek could have a point here; alerts could depend on the source from which emails come from. In my case, social emails mostly come from Facebook. I don't know if it's the same for you. But then again, I get Newsletter emails from quite a lot of sources so I'm not sure if there's this particular rule for all of them to bypass the notifications.
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    Just got an answer from saying that they were able to reproduce the problem and that they will pass the information to the concerned team.

    How to set up an alert\notification for emails that flow into my - Microsoft Community

    Weird, since not all people have this problem. Hopefully this won't take long until it's fixed...
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    Thanks for posting with that info.
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    You're welcome. The problem is, knowing Microsoft, such things always take very long until it's fixed. Before then, there's no other solution even when it does work for normally for others. We just can't find the culprit.
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Mail app ignores emails in folders other than Inbox
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