I am using W8 x64 on my newly purchased laptop. My input and other local settings are Turkish, but display language is English. I set it this way because it is more convenient for me to use some software programs in their native languages and I didn't want to bother language-setting them one by one. Anyways.

I have no problems in keyboard input in any software. I can write in Turkish Q layout and all local characters show up fine everywhere, including Office programs, other browsers, notepad, etc. But there is a problem in IE10.

On the IE10 when I try to input some text in an input field on a website, I get funny characters when I type in local characters. It's not like my input method has changed, but I cannot input local characters like I can in other browsers.

I made an example. The first text is what correctly appears when I type it in Chrome, the second text is what appears when I type it in IE10.

This is the same in all websites.

Click image for larger version

Click image for larger version

How can I correct this? Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.