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The address bar has been taken over by charter!

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    The address bar has been taken over by charter!

    So it just seemed to happen the other day but when I go to search for something in the address bar it would normally search bing, however I noticed today it searches my ISP which is charter.

    I tried going tools>manage add-ons>search providers but bing is the only one listed. Is their another way to get my address bar in IE11 to search bing every time?

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    Is this of any help:

    Charter Hijacks Your Search Engine
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    If by "enhance" you mean "commandeer," congratulations - you're on the right track!
    Lol! Couldn't have said it better! This author is correct. This is actually putting up fences by filtering results in their best interests using Ask search engine. (Notice Ask is included in the"Opt out" list too). The bottom line is that they want to shove their ads in users' faces. It's a numbers game with the masses.

    AOHell was really the first at this. The famous "You've got mail!" Should actually be "You've got fences!". Limiting their customers to within their fenced-in pastures for grazing. Huge profits from gullible people > Enough so that Time-Warner bought them. Comcast, which is the largest ISP in the U.S., is looking to buy them pending approval. Talk about a monopoly!

    I guess for now you'll have to keep that cookie somehow, filter out that site, or change ISP if possible in your area. Looks as though we are running out of ISP choices, though!
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The address bar has been taken over by charter!
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