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Win Mail 2012 - Sync ?

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    Win Mail 2012 - Sync ?

    I have win mail 2012 on my 8.1 pc and its very good, BUT, when I open my laptop (win 7) it refuses to download my folders from the pc setup using 'download folders'.

    Is there an alt method ???

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    Do you mean the "Downloads Folder" That you created from Windows Live Mail in 8.1 PC ? if so then it will not sync to the Windows 7 PC. Windows Live Mail only talks to the mail server, not across the PC's. If you need to sync, you will have to do it manually by copying the whole folder under: C:\Users\{Your User}\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail\{Your Account}
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    tks, a bloody nuisance. I have it set up great on my pc (8.1) but cannot set it up on my laptop via the sync software from the hosts. I wanted to cross machine my mike@site email. I can do it with gmail because gmail folders are all online. I may have to reverse all my hard work and have mike@site go to gmail, which I did not want. I'll have a look at your suggestion first
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    OK new question - how to forward winmail to gmail? I had a quick look but it is not very friendly.

    3 days still cannot find forward emails, but an find individual posts, not good enough. win mail is the worst of all email programmes
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    wait a sec, if you are logged into Windows live Mail (the program) regardless of what computer or OS you are on it syncs all folders and contacts. It does for me and I have 7 computers combo of Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 Pro
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    Quote Originally Posted by robinb9 View Post
    wait a sec, if you are logged into Windows live Mail (the program) regardless of what computer or OS you are on it syncs all folders and contacts. It does for me and I have 7 computers combo of Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 Pro
    Yes, if you have ANY IMAP email account, it will sync with any system and email client that supports IMAP. HOTMAIL and OUTLOOK are IMAP systems. So is GMAIL.

    If you are running a POP3 account, they transfer emails with only the system you are connected with at the time. You may end up with some emails on one PC, others on a laptop or even more on a phone.

    Get an IMAP account. They used to be pretty slow syncing, but nowadays you can control which folders sync.
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Win Mail 2012 - Sync ?
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