I have a strange problem that (at the moment) seems to be affecting only one website. When I navigate to Welcome to Marks & Spencer store locator in Firefox (29.0.1) and click on the (eg) opening times button for a specific store, it takes me to marks & spencer flowers & gifts Gifts, Flowers & Hampers | Marks & Spencer ... Clicking on another opening hours button takes me to Marks & Spencer wines ...
I have tried reinstalling FF. Same
I have tried running FF in safe mode. Same
I have tried Google Chrome. Same
I have tried IE11. Works FINE. I tried the same on a different PC. Works FINE... (PC runs Win 7...)
It seems to be just my (Win 8.1 Upd1) laptop. Everywhere else is fine. Is it Windows 8? Or My AV (Bitdefender) although this is running on the other PC as well...?
EDIT... If I load the page with no page style, I can get to the correct data. When I then select basic page style, all is displayed fine ... until I reload the page, then it goes wrong again...