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Can only Access Google-Related Sites in Multiple Browsers

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    Can only Access Google-Related Sites in Multiple Browsers

    Hello all! I'm asking for help with my husband's laptop.

    He's running 8.1 and can only access Google-related sites (Gmail, Google, Youtube) with every browser he's tried. (IE, Firefox, and Chrome)

    I'm able to access any website I want on my Mac, so I'm fairly certain that something is up with his specific computer.

    A Mcaffee Scan came up clean. I did notice some plug-ins and add-ons. I disabled all of the ones that would allow me to do it, but no success. So, short of returning this brand new laptop to the store, I'm fresh out of ideas.

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    windows 7 64 bit

    (Solved) Step by Step

    This may not solve the problem for everyone but i have a simple solution for this that worked for me and doesn't require DLing a bunch of unfamiliar programs. Simple explanation is most sites still use IPv4. Sites like Google Youtube Facebook and many other very popular sites have already started using IPv6. If you find that you can connect to sites like these and no other sites you probably have a problem with your IPv4 settings. I'm using Win7 so I'll leave instructions for that but I'm sure you can figure out the steps on other versions.


    2)Once on NETWORK AND SHARING CENTER page click on CHANGE ADAPTER SETTINGS (toward top left portion of page)

    3)Find the connection you use on the NETWORK CONNECTIONS page (<-the page that pops up) RIGHT CLICK on your connection and choose PROPERTIES.

    4)In the popup window on the NETWORKING tab you will see a list of checked boxes with script next to them. Find the one labeled INTERNET PROTOCOL VERSION 4 (TCP/IPv4)

    5)Highlight the text (single left click) and click the PROPERTIES button (middle right on page)

    6)On the PROPERTIES page under the GENERAL tab you will want to make sure the bubbles next to OBTAIN IP ADDRESS AUTOMATICALLY and OBTAIN DNS SERVER ADDRESS AUTOMATICALLY are both checked. (the top bubble for ip and top bubble for dns should both have a dot)

    7)Push OK/APPLY on all windows as you back out of these options and repeat these steps for all connections on the NETWORK CONNECTIONS page.

    8)Restart computer/router/browser as necessary but this should fix the problem instantly.
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Can only Access Google-Related Sites in Multiple Browsers
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