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Please Help on browser problems

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    Please Help on browser problems

    I.E. has not worked for almost sense I have had Win.8. I was using Firefox and now I have popup browser with a extra tab. I can click on any like and three or maybe more pages popup and I have to close them or I will have 4 or 5 pages open.

    I can even set it so it want open with just my Homepage. Its the two pages and my Homepage is behind the second open tab.

    When I click on my I.E. icon it says I.E. has stopped working, close program. You guys have work hard with me in the past to fix this problem, but nothing worked.

    I'm using of course Win.8, 64 bit which I have been told all 8's are 64 bit. I have run all time consuming scans. Anti-Virus and Malware. I don't know if there is a popup blocker program that someone could suggest that would stop the browser from popping up when I click a link.

    Please help,


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    It seems that you could have downloaded some programs that came with popups (Probably free programs, that's how they get their money)
    First off I would definitely recommend not using IE, I would recommend Google Chrome Chrome Browser
    The settings are really easy to navigate, and if your default homepages get edited you can simply go into settings and set them back to what you want without any hassle, it also has a nice extensions section, which shows all extensions active or inactive. (Popup extensions might hide here in the future)
    If you still get the popups after using Chrome, try looking for suspicious programs in "Add or remove programs"/"Programs and Features" in the control panel. If you see anything you do not want (Ask tool bar for example) you can simply click on it and click remove.
    For future reference, when downloading any free software be sure to quickly take a few seconds to read over what you agree to in the installer, in a lot of installers you are accepting their freeware which causes tool bars, popups etc...
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    Hi Alfatide,
    have sent you a PM, please read BleepingComputers are really good.

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Please Help on browser problems
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