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Need help with gmail/mail app issue

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    Need help with gmail/mail app issue


    I searched around quite a bit before finally caving and asking for help for my specific issue. I apologize in advance if I missed something and this is in anyway redundant or easily solved. Also, I am extremely new to Windows 8.1.

    So ... I was setting up my new laptop and used my primary gmail account as my Windows sign-in information. When I went to utilize the Windows 8.1 mail app for the first time, it requested the necessary information in order to sync my gmail account with the app. However, as a result of the two-step verification that I have on my gmail, the mail application indicated a sign-on error. Nevertheless, I was able to continue past that step.

    Now, however, I would like to enter a device specific password for that specific gmail account in the mail app, but I cannot figure out how to do this. All I can seem to find is how to change the password for logging onto my laptop and/or to Microsoft Live.

    So essentially, I am attempting to: change the password necessary for the Windows 8 mail app to sync with my gmail account, but because it also my Windows Live alias, it will not allow me to do so in the mail app (it says I have to do it through PC Settings). But, as far as I can tell, this will only (also?) change my log-on information, which I don't want.

    Hopefully, the above is enough for someone to assist me. I appreciate it.

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    Hi TGM,

    I'm new and know very little. FWIW, I also had sign-in issues trying to setup Gmail and Windows Mail. The solution for me was eM Client (free for one, maybe 2 accounts). I was very surprised how eM worked with Gmail. Sync happens automatically - including for Contacts and Calendar. Not sure about all features. Entering a calendar item in eM adds it to the Google Calendar. Entering a new Contact in my phone Contacts also enters the Contact in eM.

    The two-step Gmail sign-in is not used. So this may not work for you.

    After using eM for a few days, I could not be more pleased with the sync. Earlier with Win 7 and Thunderbird, the TB Contacts were always out-of-date.

    Good Luck!
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    looks like Mail app doesn't support spaces in password
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Need help with gmail/mail app issue
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