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Firefox Download Statusbar AddOn Resume

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    Firefox Download Statusbar AddOn Resume

    Generally Firefox Statusbar AddOn works quite well. The only annoying behavior I've found so far is, if you try to Resume a partial download, and the WiFi you are using at the moment prevents the download, the Resume choice is removed and the status is changed to Failed.

    The behavior should be to notify the user the download cannot commence. Ask the user what to do.. such as maintain the status until such time as a connection can be made on an unblocked WiFi network.

    My main hassle is Public Library blocking downloads, even those such as that are obviously free. It's a pita to download over a GB only to have to start from scratch because some WiFi network decided you shouldn't be downloading, citing no specific criteria. Either you get a block notice, such as possible copyright infringement(which is usually false since you are on Softpedia or some other) or it just hangs.

    Anyway Download Statusbar author. Nice AddOn but please tweak it. If anyone knows a work-around that would be cool too.

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    I set all downloads to go to another disk so even partial files stay there until download is finished nothing can block them then. Download finishes even after power off. I also use that addon.
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    Firefox 'about:config' used to have an entry:
    [Integer] - The Download Manager can pause and resume files which are being downloaded when Firefox is closed. By default (a value of 0) an active download will be automatically paused when Firefox closes, and resumed when it next opens. However you can set this to a value of 1, forcing active downloads to pause, but not automatically resume when Firefox starts up again; or set it to a value of 2 so that all active downloads will be cancelled when Firefox is closed.

    but seems to be missing now. Could be where the problem lies.
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    The problem is not pause and resume under normal conditions. The problem is, if I manually resume, but it cannot connect to the server or start the download, it shows a status of Error and fills in the rest of the progressbar for the download. Basically it gives up without asking the user what to do. I've tried resuming with Free Download Manager. It asks if I want to resume. I click yes. Nada. Nothing happens.

    Pretty strange. Anyway, I got a good connection last night and downloaded the whole file. But something is still broken with Download Statusbar.
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Firefox Download Statusbar AddOn Resume
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