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    Text labels on IE toolbar icons

    Can a text label be added to the favorites icon in IE11 desktop? I'm transitioning my parents from XP to 8.1 and need to make things discoverable.

    The favorites list in the menu bar can't be scrolled with the mouse wheel, so that's out, and pinning the Favorites Center would be too intrusive.

    I see Post-It notes in their future.
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    Would renaming the shortcut work?

    Click image for larger version
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    Thanks, SpringUpdate, but I'm talking about the "star" icon for favorites on the right side of the IE toolbar. If that could have a label saying "Favorites" it would be easier for my folks. They don't use the pc much anymore, and it's easy to forget where things are on the new OS after 10+ years on XP.

    PS- I've edited the thread title for better clarity. It was a late night last night.
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    Even though we use Firefox, my wife doesn't like the way it shows Bookmarks. She prefers the IE way.
    So in the top right hand corner I've had to put a shortcut on the desktop of the IE Favorites folder .
    First thing she does is click on that and she can see all her favorites at once on our 23" screen.
    She selects what she wants and it opens up in Firefox.
    The open Favorites folder can be quickly got at again by clicking on it's tab in the task bar.

    Of course I have to keep both the Firefox and IE Bookmarks/Favorites in sync, so every now and then I use a program called Transmute to do that.

    It's amazing isn't it what people get up to on their computers !!!! LOL

    Anyway, is putting a shortcut on the Desktop to the Favorites folder a solution for your parents ?
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    That would work, but sending them into and out of a File Explorer window would probably be discombobulating.

    I've decided to just put a post-it note on the side of the monitor explaining what and where the star is. It's probably a more effective solution than having a label on the icon, anyway.

    Since it doesn't look like labeling the icon is possible, I'm going to leave this "unsolved", but thanks for the suggestions, guys.
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    I just enable Menu bar and Favorites show on top, 1 click on them and all the favorites are there, just like in older IE.
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