Hi all

Hopefully I have chosen the right forum to post this in.

I have recently purchased a new laptop computer running Windows 8.1

The problem I am experiencing is that when trying to download a file that takes a while, eg. >15 minutes (Happens to be when my display goes to sleep) the download is interrupted and I have to manually restart it.

The first time this happened, my computer was actually sleeping and I thought great my download had finished although only 20% was actually downloaded and I had to manually resume.

Now for the second large download I thought I would set the computer to never sleep, I came back to it after 40 minutes, the display was asleep but not the computer however the download was interrupted.

I will do some more tests by setting the sleep time to 1 minute and downloading a file that takes longer than this but I do think that somehow the power management internals are interrupting the download.

I would like to know if anyone else has experienced this problem and what they have done to solve this?

My Personal belief is that I think it should be classed as buggy because other applications can prevent sleeping (eg. Media players) while downloading via IE does not prevent sleeping while a download is in progress. Is there a way to let Microsoft know of possible bugs?