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I need help with Outlook RT on Surface RT

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    Quote Originally Posted by rmazzeo View Post
    Hey E, just pulled the trigger on it! Got the 64GB RT for $209 - when the 32GB was $199, it was a no-brainer. Also got the touch cover for a good price. I should get it next week, free shipping, so as of now, it's a done deal.

    I'm going to leave the thread open so I can come back once I get things working (or not) - I'll let you know how it went. But, as was suggested, should I move it to the tablet forum? If so, how do I do that?

    Thanks again to everyone for all your help! I'll let you guys know one way or another how things go!
    Not a problem! Congrats on the purchase, hope to hear back soon!

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    Hey All! Ready to update on my Surface RT experience. I'm going to mark this thread as "solved" - it was rather easy setting things up on the Surface.
    I won't bore you with how happy I am with it (so far), as this isn't the thread for it. But to get Outlook set up with my then-in-use PST file was a breeze.

    I copied my PST to a thumb drive, & after getting the Surface initially set up (mostly updates, setting up the work space the way I wanted it & adding apps) & cleaning up the file system, I copied the PST & some other stuff to the Surface HDD.

    I set up Office 2013 (that's what it's called on the Surface RT, & it functions in mostly the same way as it would on a desktop) & added my email accounts to Outlook 2013. With each account (I have 4), I was given the option to specify a new data file or use an existing one. I pointed my accounts to the file I copied over, & after a few very minor tweaks to my setup, I had all of my contacts, calendar events (complete with categories as I had them set up), folders & all of my email. It worked seamlessly. Also, since I have accounts, they all sync between the tablet & my phone, as does my OneDrive. So I'm happily using the Surface as my "laptop" & unless I have any "heavy lifting" to do, I'm not using my desktop very much anymore. That's good because I have to do a fresh Win 7 install anyway.

    But I have everything right there, I can do most of my necessary work (which includes research & website updates for other entities) right from the Surface & it is a very useful machine. Of course, the price I paid on the Microsoft-refurbed 64GB model made it a really sweet deal at this point.

    Bottom line, for me it works, & getting it set up was extremely painless (for Office, anyway), & I'm a happy camper!

    Thanks for all of your collective tips, help & other assistance. I'm sure we'll "run into" each other on the web in the future!
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I need help with Outlook RT on Surface RT
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