I'm using IE 11 Modern on Win 8.1 RT, but the same has been true since tab navigation was introduced.
I've always been bothered by the behaviour of the Frequent sites (about:Tabs), it could be ignored before, but now with Metro interface you have to deal with it everytime you open a new tab.

Is there any way to manually manage what's in there? Add, remove, order, edit etc.

If not, is there a way to have it not populate by itself, but still having the normal broswer history? The idea is to manually empty it and never had any site get back into it.

If not, is there a way to have Frequent sites NOT show up on the bottom of Modern interface when opening a new tab? (on desktop interface, you can just have the new tab open in blank or whatever starting page, the setting does carry over in Modern, but you still get the Frequent sites on the bottom of the screen)
The ideal solution would be having the pinned and the favourites show instead, sort of what IE 10 used to do IIRC.