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Sending a web page as a link in Windows 8 mail program

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    Sending a web page as a link in Windows 8 mail program

    I noticed when I send a web page to anyone using Windows default mail program (Outlook) it will send the page as a Url address and not a clickable link. Is there a way to change this? Or should I change defalt mail handler? When I send page links from Chrome or my g-mail account it always sends the page as a link.

    Thank you in advance for any insight!!

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    Was discussing this just the other day actually

    URL's are in text, not HTML

    This is expected. Typically, the person who writes the email can decide if an link can be clicked. For example, observe how I can type out a clickable version of and a not-clickable version of Microsoft Corporation. The same process works in an email message -- the person who wrote it can make a link clickable or not.

    But, some email programs are programmed to scan a page and detect anything that might look like a link. For example, it might search the page for the letters HTTP or WWW and automatically convert what it finds into a link. Programs such as Windows Mail and Outlook do this.

    The Windows 8 Mail app does not do this, it has not been programmed to do so.

    If this is a feature you'd like to see in the Windows 8 Mail app, please send your feedback and it will be taken into consideration in future versions of the app. See How to submit product suggestions or feedback for details.

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    Thank you for the reply and information. Hopefully Microsoft will take note and and add it as an update. Which Email provider do you prefer?
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    I have my own servers, I use my own email system. But for here, I have linked one of my emails as an alias to an outlook account online and use the mail app as oit pops up n a new mail in win 8.1. Its convenient.

    I agree, after finding out about the issue above, I was kind of bewildered.

    I have used GMAIL, I must admit, OUTLOOK online is too basic, they have taken away allot of control and made it hard to find anything.
    Hotmail was kind of cool.
    I am a delegate for a not for profit organization and I have to use a Hotmail account for that, which of course connects to I use Windows Live Mail from Microsoft essentials to manage that account, it syncs nicely with calendar etc, it is allot better than using Also, as the email sending quota is pretty low, after hitting my quota with windows live mail, I can just go online to and have a fresh quota available immediatly. I have to send out a fair few hundred emails a day (mas mail)
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    In Outlook you may have to hit enter at the end of the link.
    as in enter here)

    I had to hit enter after entering the mail address in the picture below to make it convert to a link
    this is how Office has generally always worked, it's not a bug or issue, it's by design

    I can not remember back to Dec, your source date.

    But, I can tell you with certainty that the Windows 8 Mail App DOES auto-convert hyperlinks and email addresses to clickable links.

    Click image for larger version
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    Hi and thank you for the reply. I was referring to the link in the body of the message, as when sending a webpage. I want the link to that webpage to be clickable (HTML). I found in outlook now that ,before yu send the link (URL) backspacing and removing HTTP// then hitting the hyperlink button it will mark the URL to a clickable link. I tested it and it worked.
    Seems there is a more efficient way...but I don't know it. This worked.
    Any insight?
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    I am assuming you are referring to Office Outlook, not the Mail App.
    Is this Office 2013?

    That is not typically how Office or Outlook Works.
    type or paste the url and hit enter at the end of it, that is all that should be needed
    If that is not working. There may be issues with your install of Office, or a setting is preventing it.

    Have you tried running a Repair?
    Repair Office programs - Outlook -

    also try this switch

    from the run box (WIN+R), type in,,,

    outlook /cleanprofile
    Hit Enter

    Removes invalid profile keys and recreates default registry keys where applicable.
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    Hi and thank you for the reply. I am referring to the Mail App. When I try to send an email of a webpage it sends the message as a URL and not a clickable link. Example is when I right click on a webpage and chose email page(Mail App being default).
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    Ok,, I think I get it,,,,

    what browser are you using?

    I don't use Chrome, won't ever install it on any of my systems.

    But, when you email a page it is putting the URL as

    1.) (not clickable)

    and not

    2.) Windows Eight Forums

    Or as a clickable link like this

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    Hi. I just tried doing the same thing with the Windows Eight forum page and emailed it to myself. Using the mail app, and the default IE browser it composed the message as #3 in your reply but not clickable. I did find out that when pressing enter right after the webpage URL it highlighted it for clicking. So, I believe I found the answer.

    Thank you again for your help!!
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Sending a web page as a link in Windows 8 mail program
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