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Browsers Opening Slowly

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    Browsers Opening Slowly

    This recently started happening to me and now I am kind of irritated to the point of coming here. Every time I click on a browser it can take anywhere from 5-30 seconds or more to open now.

    Before you ask my computer is a gaming rig and has WELL beyond any normal hardware. When I click the browser icons on the task bar they light up like they normally do when they open. But after a few seconds they slowly fade away like they were closed.

    But then after a sporadic number of seconds they open. No other program on my PC does. My PC boots pretty damn fast and everything else opens smooth as butter.

    I defrag and optimize it once a week and I clean it daily.

    *Video Version*

    Forgive how crappy this video is.

    1) I have no idea why the resolution is so bad.
    2) Not sure why there is a censor bar the first few seconds
    3) Good enough to showcase my issue.

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    What start page it's set to ? It might take some time to download it.
    Try this :
    in the address bar write "about:blank"
    Close other tabs
    Go to Tools / Internet Options and set "Use Current" as start page.
    See if it opens faster.
    This is for IE. Which other browsers do you use ?
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    My main browser is chrome. I have them all set to google. It shouldn't be a matter of speed but if it is, it surely isn't my computer because it's so fast. It has to be something with the browsers.

    I like having my browsers set to google. IMO setting to about:blank is irritating.
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    Mine too are set to Google and with not too fast internet (12/3 ) FF opens in one second flat. IE 2 sec and so does Chrome. Do you have an AV other than Defender. In the past Avast set to aggressive checking of internet used to slow down new pages loading but by no more than 5 - 6 seconds. I suggested about:blank just for testing purpose to take internet and AV out of equation. Setting PROXY can also change timings.
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    I am using AVG 2014
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    So check in it's controls if there is something like "Web Shield" and/or Addons in the browsers, something is holding up connection 'till it checks contents.
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Browsers Opening Slowly
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