I rarely shutdown or reboot my laptop, I put it to sleep when I am not using it. This results in sometimes weeks going by without shutting anything down, including Google Chrome.

Today I noticed that the little 3 bar menu thingie on the right side of the upper toolbar was red instead of black. I clicked on it and noticed a new menu item that said something like "relaunch chrome". When clicked, a window told me that Chrome was out of date because I had not relaunched it in a while.

After relaunching the 3 bar thingie is now black again and I presume I now have the latest version of Chrome. I had wondered how chrome kept itself up to date if it never relaunched, now I know it doesn't!

Hey Google - if Chrome knows that it is out of date and needs relaunching, please post a more visible indicator than the menu icon color change. A message box would be nice.