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Does Outlook email require internet connection to use?

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    Does Outlook email require internet connection to use?

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    my computer has an 'outlook mail' tile on desk-top that shows when i first boot up.
    -i setup the Outlook email account -no problem -but can i now access this mail account without the need to be connected to the Internet? IE just click to open from the desktop tile -sign-in and send mail ?
    Reason i ask... If no internet connection is required via a browser for Outlook and for any reason i couldn't connect to the internet, could I still use Outlook email to send/receive emails until whatever problem would be causing a non-connect to the internet .

    * i have gmail/aol/roadrunner email accounts but first must launch my Google Chrome browers (or I.E.) inorder to access those accounts ... thanks in advance edythe

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    No. You just tell it that you do not want to set up an account, when initially setting up the profile. Or set the email to not retrieve at all, unless you retrieve it, and set for leaving the email on the server.

    For email from the browser, I use mailto: in Chrome, to allow me to do have my Yahoo email pull up when I need to compose. With Firefox, it can be changed from the hidden advanced properties.

    Thunderbird is the same was as outlook, but I like it when using with multiple email providers then Outlook. Not too heavy and very easy to control. You would have to add Sunbird for the Calendar.
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Does Outlook email require internet connection to use?
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